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At a very young age I went for a walk in the countryside with my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. I snapped away, but even though there was a film in the camera, to this day it has never been developed. The sheer enjoyment of holding the camera, looking through the viewfinder and composing an image was enough to ignite my passion for photography. That was over 30 years ago.

Although I have an enthusiasm for most other types of photography, Architecture and Fine Art would be my passionate photographic subjects. However I also have an interest in Landscape, Macro (close-up), Documentary and Event photography. Religious Architecture has also been added to this list and would be included in my specialist areas of photography. I do not provide Wedding Photography services.

I have received positive comments in relation to my images from as far away as the U.S.A. and Australia. An Exhibition of my work in September 2011 received critical acclaim. Some of my images have been exhibited in Carrickfergus Yacht Club during November 2011 and a number of images were also displayed at Bradbury Gallery in Belfast during April 2012. I am a member of The Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers (SICIP) and The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers (SITTP), both of which are affiliated to ‘The Societies of Photographers’. During 2011 I attained a number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for entries submitted to ‘The Societies’ competitions. During 2012 I received 5 Gold Awards and a number of Highly Commended Awards for my images. On 12 January 2013 I was honoured to win ‘The Societies’ ‘Architectural Photographer of the Year 2012’ award at the prestigious Societies Convention hosted by Maggie Philbin, in the Hilton Metropole Hotel, London. During 2013 I was awarded 12 Golds and many Highly Commended images in ‘The Societies’ Monthly Competitions. In January 2014 I was honoured to be Nominated for ‘The Societies’ ‘Landscape Photographer of The Year 2013’. In April 2014 I had the privilege of being the guest photographer for a worldwide webinar hosted by The Photographer Academy. My success in ‘The Societies’ Competitions continues in 2014. I was pleased to supply the Northern Ireland Hospice with images for use in their 2014 Calendar, and my images will also feature in their 2015 Calendar. My images also feature in the Northern Ireland ‘Turning Hearts Toward Home’ Calendar 2015 by JC Print Limited. In January 2015 I was again proud and honoured to be named as The Societies ‘Architectural Photographer of the Year 2014’, at The Societies’ Convention 2015, in The Hilton Metropole Hotel, London. Once again in 2015 I was nominated for Architectural Photographer of the Year, and was honoured to achieve 3rd Place.

The highlight of my year 2015 came in July 2015 when I submitted a panel of images for consideration of qualification, and on 14th July I was honoured to achieve Associate qualification of The Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers.

Another highlight in 2015 was my appearance on BBC Northern Ireland ‘The Arts Show’ (Episode 10 - March 2015). The time I was given in this episode highlighted my Architectural Photography as an art form.

In 2017 I was pleased to give a Master Class on my Architectural Photography at The Societies Convention in January 2017, and honoured to achieve 3rd place Architectural Photographer of The Year 2016 at The Awards Evening at this Convention. Northern Ireland Hospice will feature my images once again on their 2018 Calendar. 2018 started really well for me when I was awarded Runner-up Architectural Photographer of the Year at The Societies Annual Convention Awards Evening.

My images, which cover a variety of subjects, are suitable for home, office, café, restaurant or shopping mall. They are also available for use as book covers or for advertising purposes. I supply quality prints of all my images, at affordable prices. My aim is to please, by offering unique images, which will give pleasure for a lifetime. I am also available for talks to camera clubs for a nominal fee. I have a friendly and outgoing nature, which is reflected in my service to all clients. Recent commissions include photographs for Causeway Coast Amateur Golf Tournament for No. 12 Design, images for the Northern Bank Executive Suite in Londonderry and images of Crumlin Road Gaol Tourist attraction. I have also worked closely with White Star Momentos, Carrickfergus for the past six years.

If you have any comments about my images and web-site, or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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